Thank you to all of those who donated, shared, liked and supported us and the people of Knysna!

We are proud to announce that after closing all our funding platforms we are distributing our funds.

FIRST – Knysna Fire Relief distributed R50 000 to the National Sea Rescue Institute, Station 12 Knysna.

We are proud to be able to support such a generous, professional and dedicated organization. The Knysna NSRI were crucial during the first stages of the disaster. Evacuating much of Knysna, including the elderly, the NSRI saved the lives of countless people and animals.

Members of the NSRI acted selflessly to help those in need, even losing their own homes in the process. They are true hero’s and our community is lucky to have them. While small in the big picture, we hope our efforts and donation can go some way to show our appreciation and help rebuild what was lost. We salute you NSRI Knysna!

SECOND – Knysna Fire Relief distributed R20 000 to the Knysna Initiative for Learning and Teaching (KILT) in order to assist children affected by the fires.

KILT supports children from the 13 non-fee paying schools in the Knysna area, many of which were badly damaged or affected by the fires. One such school is Brackenhill Primary, whose pupils come from extremely poor backgrounds and would not have the opportunity to learn if it wasn’t for the generosity of your donations.

With our cash donation, KILT is has provided all 65 pupils of Brackenhill Primary with new school shoes. Many of these pupils have never owned a new pair of shoes and we have no doubt that this will make an important impact on their learning and development. The children of Knysna are our future and we must make sure they are cared for. Thank you to KILT and Gill Marcus for the amazing initiative and keep up the great work! CX is lucky to have you!


– Lookout for info on the rest of our donations over the coming days